124 Juniper Ridge, Shelburne, Vermont

Before & After

This charming cape-style house was built in 1966 for Harry and Mary Gadhue. They raised five children in the home and were the only owners prior to our purchasing the house in February 2005. The house was beautifully and lovingly maintained, and we could see instantly what a gem it was. Despite its good bones, it needed some updating to bring it into the 21st century. We hired Barone Construction to handle the structural changes. We spent 45 days remodeling prior to moving in on our daughter Helena's birthday, March 24th!

We couldn't have done any of this without the help of family and friends. Amanda's dad, Dean, came out from Oregon to help with painting upstairs and insulation work on the mudroom. Stephen's Aunt Kris flew up from Ohio and stripped wallpaper for days on end, then helped with painting! Forester Dean was instrumental in helping us make structural decisions such as raising the ceiling in the family room. He also worked almost daily during the remodel on kitchen demolition, kitchen cabinet repairs and painting, painting, painting! Without his energy and skills, the laundry room and mudroom would never have gotten done!

After all this hard work, though, we've fallen in love with a 1966 contemporary home in South Burlington. It's on an amazing piece of land that features nearly 3 acres of pasture, woodland, wetland and rock ledge. The home's curb appeal and need for new siding will be one of our first efforts, but the interior has seen alot of recent work. We will be able to move in and focus on family and career this year. It's a home and property that will easily serve our need for a creative outlet for at least the next 30 years! This time, though, we'll pace ourselves!

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